Article - Furniture Styles

To suit your home, your tastes, your styles, there are different types of furniture in varied materials, styles, sizes and of course price range. Your home depicts who you are and what you are. Furnishing home with appropriate furniture and accessories is of great concern for everybody. Fashions change, designs change and accordingly your taste and style changes. There is a large selection of furniture styles which we are describing below:

The traditional styled furniture is usually made of darker woods with intricate carvings which give a kind of majestic feeling. The lines of the traditional furniture tend towards elegance and sensuous curves.

Contemporary style of furniture is made of lighter woods, have simple lines and clean feel, uses metals and exposed woods, plastics and stone. The room using such style of furniture contains neutral colours as well as elements of bold colour.

Art Deco
Art Deco style is a contemporary style with bright colours, strong vertical lines and rounded corners. The pieces are made of exotic woods. Some common art deco styles are seen in cocktail tables and radio cabinets as this style considers low height items like low chairs very informal.

The Victorian furniture style is characterised by rich brocades and velvets. Mauve, burgundy and dark blue and green combined with lace and fringe compliment Victorian furnishings. Porcelain dolls, wicker, hats and hat boxes, dried flowers are wonderful accent pieces in a Victorian decor.

Modern/Urban Style
This style of furniture is usually depicted by polished surfaces and sleek shapes. Generally considered a minimalist type of style, urban or modern furniture is made of wide variety of materials from wood to steel, wrought iron, fiberglass, aluminum, sliver, plywood, vinyl etc. This type tends toward smaller scaled pieces which would fit well in a room. The room shows lots of open space, bright lighting and sleek geometric shapes. High tech items are also visible. The main colours in the modern/urban style are basic and cool with splashes of bright colours.

Retro Retro
Furniture is reminiscent of pop art.

The rustic style generally gives the log cabin-type rustic decor depicting a simple style typical of country life. Interiors are usually primitive with exposed walls and wood paneling. Furniture appears to be heavy duty.

Lodge furniture style is generally heavy and substantial-looking

Cottage furniture style is painted or decorated where comfort and color reign. Furniture lines are simple and graceful.

Shaker furniture style depicts clean, spare lines, which tends to be of light color and not very heavy.

An eclectic style of furniture encompasses a variety of styles, reflecting different design aspects from different time periods. The eclectic styles are brought together by using different colors, textures, shapes and finishes.

The coastal furniture is very simple and comfortable, made of bamboo and rattan, bringing in mind the tropical surroundings of the Caribbean.

Antique furniture does not mean old furniture but furniture of high quality and artistic merit that has transcended over a long time. This type of furniture is usually made of solid wood and impeccably handmade by skilled craftsmen.
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