Article - Multi-Use Furniture

When we talk about a multi-purpose piece of furniture, it is the chest of drawers. An essential piece of furniture, a chest of drawers is a good investment as a functional and fashionable piece.

A chest of drawers is available in various sizes. It can be short and wide with drawers side-by-side or tall and narrow with lots of drawers on top of each other or. The size can be large enough to hold a wide range of clothes or small enough to act as a nightstand with drawers for necessities. It is almost as versatile as an armoire. It can serve as a decorative piece only in your living room and at the same time provide lots of extra storage space. With intricate carving works in most chest of drawers it is an interesting piece that can occupy a large wall.

Depending on the size and the place where you place your chest of drawers, the storage options are endless. The top of a the chest of drawers is a great place to display books, plants, photos, and baskets. For some short chest of drawers, the top can also be used to place a lamp or a television etc.

The number of drawers in a chest of drawers can range from 2 drawers to 15 or may be more depending on individual choice. Whether it is decorative or utilitarian, the drawers can hide anything that you want right from clothes, hobby supplies, photos, dining items.

Another advantage of chest of drawers is that it can be moved from room to room, its useful in every place where you put it.

This is indeed one furniture piece which can be kept in every room. While in a bedroom, it can be used to store clothes, in kids room, you can store toys and unwanted stuff, in kitchen, use it for storing napkins, table cloths, and even utensils, in living room, it can serve as a wonderful decorative piece with storing space for books, CDs, cassettes etc.

When you shop for a chest of drawers, keep in mind your whole house decorating scheme. You can opt for a simple pine chest if you prefer country style. If you want a more formal style, you can consider a beautiful antique reproduction piece. For a contemporary/modern interior, a simple piece with clean, sleek lines will enhance your room's decor. Regardless of what style or size you choose, you will have the product for a long time and use it in many places. Choosing wisely will help to serve you well.
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